WASHINGTON, D.C. – For the fifth year in a row, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) teamed up with local manufacturers, plants, community partners and schools to host 18 Summer Manufacturing Camps where young Ohioans learned about Ohio’s manufacturing sector. Campers visited local manufacturers, toured plants, and worked with their peers on hands-on projects specific to their communities. Brown’s office started organizing summer manufacturing camps in 2013, and since then, the number of camps throughout the state has grown every year. This year, Brown’s office helped organize 18 camps in 16 counties.

“Manufacturing is one of our state’s most important industries, but too often, our companies can’t find workers with the right skills, while our students don’t realize all the opportunities available to them,” said Brown. “We need today’s Ohio students to realize all the potential careers they could have in Ohio manufacturing, and that’s why, for five years now, my office has put on summer manufacturing camps for 4th through 8th graders across Ohio. I’m proud we were able to do the same this year. ”

Brown’s office organized Summer Manufacturing Camps in Athens, Coshocton, Cuyahoga, Fulton, Guernsey, Jackson, Jefferson, Lake, Lorain, Mahoning, Muskingum, Ross, Tuscarawas, Stark, Washington and Wood Counties.

Here’s what they are saying about this year’s camps:


Cuyahoga County

Crain’s Cleveland: Summer camps could be start for future in manufacturing

“‘The Mahoning Valley is really strong in manufacturing,’ said Lisa Long, associate director of OH WOW! The Roger & Gloria Jones Children's Center for Science & Technology in Youngstown.

“But manufacturers can't find enough skilled people. To that end, OH WOW! has been holding manufacturing camps in the region for the past five years, with the support of Brown's office.

“The camps help students learn what they're interested in, Long said. That may lead to jobs down the line, which could help them and the community.”

Fulton County

Napoleon Northwest Signal: Maker-Facturing Camp at NSCC

“Sessions included 3-D printing, where students made fidget spinners; safety basics; coding; welding, where students made office caddies; making slime; learning about snap circuits and small robotics; leaning about entrepreneurship; using hand tools to disassemble a variety of items such as vacuums, washers and microwaves; going on a tour of the Sauder Woodworking Wood Funeral Procuts Division and working on LEGO robots.

“Students also received a certificate from U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, at the completion of the camp.”

Geauga County

WVIZ: Camps Tout Careers in Manufacturing (Video)

“Ohio has a long history as a manufacturing state. 

“But to continue the tradition, the next generation needs to be ready and equipped to perform in the fast-changing manufacturing sector where today's factories are cleaner and more dependent on technology than most of us yet imagine. 

“U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown has been working with educators, industry groups and economic development agencies throughout the state to help youngsters in grades four through eight learn about manufacturing careers in the 21st century.”

Jackson County

Jackson County Times-Journal: Jackson County students to begin three-day summer manufacturing camp

“This learning opportunity gives local students in grades four through six the opportunity to learn about careers in their community, tour local manufacturing facilities, and learn from experts. Students learn how products are made, participate in team-building exercises, and work on a project specific to their community.

“Brown’s office started organizing summer manufacturing camps in 2013, and since then, the number of camps throughout the state has grown every year. This year, Brown’s office will help organize 18 camps in 16 counties.”

Jefferson County

Steubenville Herald-Star: Wanted: Campers to learn modern manufacturing

“‘This is a great opportunity for young people to see manufacturing jobs up close and personal and give them another option when they are considering a future career. The summer manufacturing camp is an ideal investment in our youth and I urge parents and grandparents to consider the camp for their young ones,’ said Steubenville Mayor Domenick Mucci.”

Lake County

WKYC: Possible U | Summer camp introduces local students to manufacturing careers (Video)

“The words ‘summer camp’ probably conjures imagines of hiking, fishing, tents and s'mores, but a new camp for kids is focused more on hardwiring electronics and designing products on a 3D printer.

“The Summer Manufacturing Institute kicked off on Monday, and the five-day camp gives students a taste of what a career in manufacturing might be like.    

“‘It’s just so cool,” said sixth-grader Evan Lindic. ‘I've already built a speaker and had tons of fun with it, seen a laser cutter cut plastic into little name tags, and a UV printer write my name on those little plastic tags!’

“Auburn Career Center has partnered with Senator Sherrod Brown's office, Ohio Means Jobs Geauga, and the Alliance for Toward Working Together Foundation to create this summer camp that allows kids to design, wire and build their own portable boombox speakers, electro-magnets, and simple motors.”

Lorain County

Lorain Morning Journal: LCCC hosts manufacturing, Firefish STEAM camps

“‘Ohioans are proud of our state’s long manufacturing history,’ Brown said. ‘To keep up that tradition, we must get a new generation interested in our changing manufacturing sector.’

“‘That’s what these camps are all about. These camps are helping students around Ohio learn about manufacturing jobs right here in Ohio and the opportunities our manufacturing sector has created for their parents and grandparents.’

“Perch added Brown’s support has been instrumental as a strong advocate of programs supporting the inclusion of women and girls in the trades and manufacturing technology where they have been traditionally underrepresented.”

Muskingum County

WHIZ: Manufacturing Camp

“Zane State College held their annual Guernsey and Muskingum County Summer Manufacturing Camps these last two weeks to teach and show students what manufacturing plants have to offer. Senator Sherrod Brown’s office started these camps in 2013 and Guernsey started participating four years ago, while Muskingum County started participating three years ago.

“‘Senator [Sherrod Brown] said manufacturing is very important to the state of Ohio, it’s important to the world, but of course very important to our state,’ Tech Prep Coordinator Katie Good said. ‘It’s one of those things we really need to create more awareness around the manufacturing that’s available in our local area and to show these students that there are good careers that are available at these facilities.’”


Chillicothe Gazette: Manufacturing camp bolsters career interests

“Fun and the chance to spend some time over the summer learning about manufacturing careers were the centerpieces of Ross County's version of the three-day summer manufacturing camps being sponsored across the state by U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown.

“The camps, which locally brought the involvement of the United Way's Map Your Future program, Pickaway-Ross and several area businesses, targeted kids in grades 5 through 8 and are part of the growing movement to expose students to a variety of career paths at younger ages.

“‘A lot of the stuff today will be about thinking like an engineer,’ Kiger said on Wednesday's final day of camp. ‘The process of manufacturing always starts with an engineer and they've learned how the different processes go, how many people are involved in the manufacturing process from the engineer to the final product.’

“‘The best thing from this is getting kids at a younger age thinking about the variety of jobs that exist in manufacturing in this area,’ Kiger said. ‘The partnerships with our business and industry, such as Kenworth, really brings that home that to have a good-paying job, you don't have to have a bachelor's degree, there's a lot of opportunity for those who have a certain set of skills.’”

Tuscarawas County

New Philadelphia Times-Reporter: Manufacturing Camp draws junior-high students for hands-on learning

“The campers were taken on a tour of some of the labs at the company as part of the four-day Tuscarawas County Dale Lauren Foland Manufacturing Camp, which ended Friday. The camp included hands-on projects simulating real-world manufacturing challenges, as well as visits to eight companies and Kent State University at Tuscarawas.

“The camp, first held in 2016, was sparked by a suggestion from U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Cleveland, according to Michael B. Hovan, chief operating officer of Lauren International.

“‘Part of the reason to target kids in the middle school is so they can get a chance to hear a little bit more about what manufacturing is like in Tuscarawas County,’ he said. ‘The county has businesses and jobs associated with manufacturing in some form or fashion as the basis of the entire economy here. And, unfortunately, kids I think have an impression, usually from movies and elsewhere, of what manufacturing is, which usually portrays manufacturing as a dirty, grimy, hot, unpleasant environment that kids immediately assume is not for them, and they go into other things.’”

Wood County

Bowling Green Independent: ‘Making It’ camp builds kids’ interest in manufacturing

“Their assignment was serious: Design a glider that can carry a spectrometer over Lake Erie to identify algal blooms before they reach dangerous levels.

“Their supplies were not so serious: A shoe box, cardboard, duct tape, popsicle sticks, yarn, aluminum foil, Saran wrap and pennies.

“The young engineers were middle school students, mostly from Bowling Green, who signed up last month for a five-day manufacturing camp, called ‘Making It.’ The camp was designed to help Wood County students learn about manufacturing, teamwork and local production facilities.”