In Ontario, Sen. Brown Joins Community and Business Leaders to Announce Anticipated Agreement That Will Redevelop Former GM Site, Bring 1,100 Jobs to Richland County

ONTARIO, OH—Today in Ontario, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) joined Mayor Larry Collins, Revitalizing Auto Communities Environmental Response (RACER) Trustee Elliott Laws, and business leaders to announce an anticipated agreement that will lead to the redevelopment of the former General Motors (GM) stamping plant and approximately 1,100 new jobs for Richland County.

“The Ontario and Mansfield communities have waited for years for good news regarding the former GM site. Thanks to the hard work of both community and business leaders, more than 1,000 jobs will soon arrive in Richland County,” Brown said. “We offer a skilled and dedicated workforce that is ready to get back on the job. This is extremely welcome news for north-central Ohio, and I look forward to watching the former GM plant transform into a site of economic activity once again.”

According to the RACER Trust, Brownfield Communities Development Company (BCDC) is expected to purchase the former GM stamping plant. BCDC is a joint venture of Adler Group Inc. and Hilco Real Estate. BCDC will redevelop the GM site into a corporate park with two tenants bringing an expected 1,100 new jobs.

Brown, a native of nearby Mansfield, has worked closely with elected and community leaders and the RACER Trust to redevelop the former GM site.


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