LIMA, OH — Today, U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) visited Lima to push for Congress to pass the American Jobs Plan and make much-needed investments to improve Ohio’s clean drinking water infrastructure. Water and sewer systems are critical infrastructure for Ohio communities, and upgrades will put Ohioans to work, spur economic development, and improve public health.

“The American Jobs Plan recognizes that infrastructure is more than just roads and bridges – it means delivering clean drinking water to Ohioans, eliminating lead pipes and service lines in our water systems, and improving public health,” said Brown. “We can put Ohioans to work making these critical repairs in good-paying jobs that cannot be shipped overseas. We can bring down Ohioans’ utility bills. And we can give parents peace of mind that their kids’ drinking water isn’t contaminated with lead.”

Water and sewer infrastructure projects can be expensive for local communities; Lima estimates it has approximately $80 million in water and sewer infrastructure needs. Across Ohio, communities like Lima are struggling to afford expensive – but vital – renovations to outdated water and sewer systems, and to remove lead pipes.

Brown believes we must put Ohioans to work making these critical repairs and improving public health. The American Jobs Plan would provide critical investments to:

  • Create good-paying jobs delivering safe, clean drinking water to Ohioans,
  • Eliminate lead pipes and service lines in communities’ drinking water systems,
  • Clean up Ohio waterways and sewer systems, and
  • Improve the overall health of Ohio’s children and communities.

This plan would also help improve our nation’s infrastructure by providing historic investments in road and bridge repairs, affordable housing, school facilities, manufacturing and skills training, and more.

On top of that, the American Families Plan, which Brown supports, would build on these important infrastructure investments by devoting significant funding and resources to education, health care, and child care programs. Brown believes all of these important investments are key to cutting costs and taxes for working families, while leaving the U.S. more competitive and expanding our middle class.

Brown was joined by David Berger, Mayor of the City of Lima; Dr. Wilfred Ellis, Chair of the Allen County Public Health Department; and Jackie Fox, CEO of the West Ohio Community Action Partnership.

“Water shut offs threaten public health. Providing water assistance to the lowest income families reduces the often oppressive housing costs experienced by many families, it just makes sense,” said Jackie Fox, CEO of the West Ohio Community Action Partnership.

"The American Jobs Plan seeks to address the modern day problem of infrastructure. Our new water plant is but one step. The plan is needed to place America where she needs to be in regards to our highways, rapid transit, clean water, sewer systems, renewable energies and other advancements for the 21st century. These upgrades mean good jobs for American families and a win for our communities,” said Wilfred Ellis, M.D., President of the Allen County Health Department.