CINCINNATI, OH – U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) today released the following statement to commemorate Labor Day:

“Labor Day honors the workers who built our country and the middle class. Workers laid down roadways and railways to move people and products around the country. Women and men on shopfloors, docks, and in the mines worked to support their families and communities. Their drive built a great nation. And their insistence that a great nation ensures fair wages for a honest day’s work is why all Americans can enjoy a decent wage, pensions, and retirement security. On Labor Day, we honor all those workers who fought to ensure that our nation is as prosperous as our middle class is strong.

“All Ohioans who want to work should have access to a good-paying job. We must continue to make investments in America’s infrastructure, which can help generate economic development and put people back to work. We must also create a national manufacturing strategy that honors our state’s heritage of knowing how to make things. Manufacturing must lead our nation’s economic recovery, and I am committed to passing laws that will rejuvenate America’s middle class.”