President Trump Signs Appropriations Package with Ohio Victories Brown Helped Secure

Today, President Trump signed the FY 2019 Energy and Water, Legislative Branch, and Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Act conference report into law, which includes several key Ohio victories that Senator Brown fought to include in the bill. 

From Senator Brown: “The final package President Trump signed today includes important victories for Ohio servicemembers, workers at Piketon, local communities and Lake Erie. I’m glad to see a final bipartisan compromise that is good for Ohio and lives up to Congress’ obligation to keep the government running.”

The bipartisan compromise includes the following Ohio wins:

  • Language to Protect Lake Erie
    • Sens. Brown and Portman worked together to ensure the measure includes language prohibiting the Army Corps of Engineers from dumping toxic material dredged from the Cuyahoga River shipping channel into Lake Erie without the approval from the State of Ohio. 
    • The measure also includes language requiring the Corps to make every effort to release its Chief’s Report for the Brandon Road Study by February 2019, which Senators Brown and Portman have repeatedly asked of the Corps. This report is crucial to ensuring that Asian Carp do not enter the Great Lakes and threaten the Great Lakes’ $7 billion fishing industry. 
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  • Largest Ever Military Construction Investment for Wright-Patt’s NASIC
    • Brown helped secure the largest military construction investment ever made in Wright-Patt’s National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC).
    • Earlier this summer, Brown served as a member of the House-Senate Conference Committee that wrote the final National Defense Authorization bill.
    • That bill authorized the spending, this bill provides the first $61 million in funding.
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  • Funding to Support Ongoing Cleanup at Piketon Plant
    • Brown ensured the final package included more than $400 million in funding for the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant in Piketon, which will ensure that cleanup continues as planned.
    • Brown fought to ensure that workers at Piketon receive the necessary funding to maintain workforce levels and keep cleanup on pace.
    • Brown has worked with Sen. Portman to keep jobs at the plant and maintain ongoing cleanup efforts in previous spending bills. 
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  • Critical Funding for Camp Ravenna, YARS
    • The final package includes $7.4 million to construct an automated multipurpose machine gun range at Camp Ravenna’s Joint Military Training Center, and $8.8 million for upgrades to ensure Youngstown Air Reserve Station’s (YARS) main gate meets safety requirements.
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  • $165 Million Investment for ARC
    • Brown secured $165 million for the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC).
    • Since its inception in 1965, ARC has generated over 300,000 jobs and $10 billion for the 25 million Americans in Appalachia.
    • ARC supports Ohio and twelve other states across Appalachia to stimulate local economies, provide job training, expand broadband access in rural areas, and support local infrastructure needs.
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  • Funding for Mansfield Lahm
    • Brown worked to include $13 million to replace the fire station at Mansfield Lahm Air National Guard Base.
    • Mansfield Lahm Air National Guard Base is home to the 179th Airlift Wing, which has performed critical airlift missions throughout the globe.
    • The new facility will ensure the fire station has an adequate ventilation system for engine fumes, and a women’s locker room and restrooms.
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  • Ohio Western Reserve Cemetery Expansion
    • The final package includes a $29 million investment to expand Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery.
    • Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery is the second national cemetery built in Ohio and the 119th in the national cemetery system.
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  • Federal Investment for Energy Industries of Ohio
    • Brown helped secure a $20 million investment in programs like Energy Industries of Ohio’s Advanced Ultrasupercritical Consortium (AUSC).
    • AUSC aims to develop high-temperature steam technology in coal-based power plants to increase efficiency and help cut down on fossil fuel usage.
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