Today, the Senate Judiciary Committee will take up the nominations of Chad Readler and Eric Murphy to serve on the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Both Readler and Murphy have proven too extreme for Ohio, with combined records of working to roll back healthcare protections, to strip Ohioans’ of their voting rights, to deny Ohioans their right to marry, and to eliminate reforms to hold Ohio charter schools accountable. U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) opposed both nominees when they were first announced by President Trump last year and continues to oppose their nominations today.

Ahead of a vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee today, Ohioans deserve to understand Murphy and Readler’s records on the issues that matter to Ohio families.

This week, the Office of U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown is outlining the harmful and radical records of the respective nominees, including their records on healthcare and voting rights.

Today, we will highlight Readler and Murphy’s work to defend family separation and the Mulim ban while also working to rescind DACA. Read more about Readler and Murphy’s records on immigration below:

Chad Readler

Defending the Separation of Families at the Border

Chad Readler defended the Trump Administration for separating a mother and child at the border. While an asylum officer at the border determined the woman from the Democratic Republic of Congo had a credible fear of persecution, the Administration separated mother and daughter, sending the daughter to live in Chicago. Readler defended this move after ACLU sued. Eventually, a federal judge issued an injunction against family separation nationwide, and thankfully the mother and daughter were reunited.

Working to Rescind DACA

Chad Readler has argued in federal court that DACA is unlawful. He worked to rescind the program and the DACA protections for Dreamers.

Eric Murphy

Defending Trump’s Muslim Ban

Eric Murphy defended the Trump Administration’s Muslim Ban in two separate cases, joining multi-state briefs in support of the Trump’s policy.