WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) joined parents who will benefit from the expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC) and advocates for a roundtable discussion about the credit and its anticipated positive impact in Ohio.

“Thanks to the expanded Child Tax Credit, millions of Ohio parents will have more money in their pockets on July 15,” said Brown. “We know the wages of hardworking families have been stagnant for decades – this credit will finally give them a chance to keep up with the cost of living. Now we continue the fight to make this expansion permanent, because families’ expenses aren’t going away.”

As a part of the American Rescue Plan, the families of 92 percent of Ohio’s kids will receive monthly Child Tax Credit payments of $250 to $300 per child. Brown is joining advocates and several mothers whose families will benefit from the credit to highlight why all working families should visit childtaxcredit.gov to learn more about how working families can put more money in their pockets.

Brown helped write and pass the American Rescue Plan with these expanded CTC benefits, based on his bill the Working Families Tax Relief Act. He is working to make the expansions permanent.

Important features of the Child Tax Credit:

  • Starting July 15, families will receive Child Tax Credit payments monthly. Families who filed taxes in 2019 or 2020 will automatically receive these payments. For those who didn’t file taxes there’s a one-page form to fill out on childtaxcredit.gov.
  • The Child Tax Credit expansion is expected to cut child poverty in half.
  • The Child Tax Credit expansion expires after one year, Brown is working with the President and Congressional colleagues to make the expansion permanent.

Brown was joined at the roundtable by Pastor Greg Henneman, Senior Pastor, United Methodist Church for All People/Community Development for All People; Dr. Jaclyn Dynia, Senior Director of Innovation and Research, South Side Early Learning; Vanessa Moseley, mother and Columbus City Schools employee; Brianna Foster, mother and Columbus City Schools employee; Stacey Fitzpatrick, mother and Project Manager at Ohio Department of Medicaid.

“For parents like me who work for the school district, I work 10 months out of the year,” said Vanessa Moseley. “I really can’t work the way I need to work and be at home for my four children. This is important for a lot of families who need this monthly just to have that little extra cushion. The child tax credit for many of us is something just to keep us afloat. It’s a lot of stress taken off our backs.”

“The pandemic forced millions of women to choose between working and providing child care for their families. The child tax credit will offer families that have been directly affected by the pandemic more resources to support caregivers in returning to work. Since this benefit is for 90% of families, virtually everyone, the child tax credit will not only remove several thousands of Ohio’s children from poverty, but it will also strengthen Ohio’s middle class,” said Dr. Jaclyn Dynia. “Child care for middle-income families can be up to 30% of a family’s monthly income. While policymakers continue to ensure that all families have access to high-quality child care – the child tax credit is one step to removing some of the burden middle-income families also have because of the rising costs of child care. With the child tax credit, we are one step closer to ensuring all children have an equal playing field.”