WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) today announced more than $53 million in new federal funds to help Ohio health providers utilize health information technology. The funds, passed through the Recovery Act, are aimed at improving medical care and reducing health costs through health information technology (HIT).

"This is good news for Ohio patients and Ohio medical facilities," Brown said. "Health information technology helps reduce medical errors and improves patient care. By helping doctors and nurses consult with one another through technology, we will improve the quality of medical care offered across our state - particularly in rural areas. And by helping medical facilities adopt new information technologies, we will reduce medical errors and lower health costs."

The Ohio Health Information Partnership (OHIP) will receive $14,872,199 through the State Health Information Exchange Cooperative Agreement Program. This program helps states develop policies and networks to foster electronic information exchange between Ohio hospitals, doctors groups, and state agencies. Exchanging health information improves patient care by allowing medical providers to consult with one another and retrieve clinical data in safer and more timely manner.

Greater Cincinnati HealthBridge will receive $9,738,000 and the statewide Ohio Health Information Partnership program will receive $28,500,000 through the Health Information Technology Extension Program. This program provides grants to support Regional Health Information Technology Extension Centers that help medical providers utilize cutting-edge information technology.

Brown sent a letter of support for the applications of both Ohio Health Information Partnership and Greater Cincinnati HealthBridge. Copies of the letters can be found HERE and HERE.




State HIE Awardee

Ohio Health Information Partnership LLC


Regional Extension Center Awards

Greater Cincinnati HealthBridge (OH-KY)


Regional Extension Center Awards

Ohio Health Information Partnership


Earlier today, Brown announced more than $19 million in new federal funds to help train workers for jobs in the health care industry through the Recovery Act's Health Care Sector and Other High Growth and Emerging Industries Grants program. These investments will prepare Ohioans for employment in high-growth industries that require workers to have specialized skill sets and training in technology. The funds are targeted to high-growth industries that are projected to add substantial numbers of new jobs to the economy. These training programs will provide a career pathway and result in employer or industry-recognized certificates or degrees.

A list of Ohio funding recipients can be found below: 







Cincinnati State Technical and Community College



Columbus State Community College



Berea Children’s Home