WASHINGTON, D.C. – Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) today announced that $1,909,000 was awarded to the Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority in Montgomery County.  The funds, allocated through the Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Administration, will be used to equip Ohio’s transit buses with emerging clean fuel technologies to help meet the Clean Air Act requirements.

“Clean air is not only vital to the health of our commuters, but also to the environment,” Brown said. “These funds will improve our transportation system while creating cleaner air in our community.” 

These funds, part of the Clean Fuels Bus and Bus Facilities Program, are designed to help transit systems meet clean air standards set by the Clean Air Act’s National Ambient Air Quality Standards.  The funds will assist in updating transit systems with emerging clean fuel and advanced propulsion technologies while reducing ozone and carbon monoxide emissions.

The Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority operates 29 routes throughout the region.

There are 59 transit systems in Ohio - a fleet that employs more than 5,200 workers. More than 4,200 of these Ohioans work in operational positions in transit systems that serve more than 200,000 people. Ohio is 12th in the nation for public transit ridership.

 Brown has been a longtime advocate of public transportation. In March 2010, he joined Ohio transit workers from across the state to outline legislation that would save transit jobs, prevent fare increases, and preserve mass transit service. His legislation would give transit agencies increased flexibility to use federal funds for operating assistance as well as capital investments helping to prevent layoffs and preserve access to affordable transit service.