Sen. Brown Applauds Senate Vote on Unemployment Insurance

Since 2008, More than 790,000 Ohioans Have Benefited from Federal Unemployment Insurance; More than 6,500 Ohio Jobs Saved

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) applauded the Senate’s vote on extending emergency unemployment compensation (EUC).  

“The Senate came together on one of the coldest days of the year to take the first step toward ensuring that unemployed Americans aren’t left out in the cold,” Brown said. “We must continue to fight for those who are still struggling after the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. At a time when our economy is still recovering, extending emergency unemployment insurance would save Americans 240,000 jobs this year and help 1.3 million hard working Americans, including more than 128,000 Ohioans, pay the bills, heat their homes, and put food on the table while they search for new jobs.”    

The EUC program was authorized by Congress in 2008 and has supported nearly 69 million Americans, including almost 17 million children. In 2012, unemployment benefits helped keep about 2.5 million Americans further away from poverty. Just in Ohio:

  • More than 790,000 Ohioans have received EUC benefits between 2008 and 2013;
  • If unemployment insurance is not extended, more than 128,000 Ohioans would lose their benefits;
  • Since 2008, more than 6,500 Ohio jobs have been saved due to EUC benefits;
  • The average weekly unemployment benefits in Ohio is $318; and
  • The maximum weekly unemployment benefits in Ohio is $413.