WASHINGTON, D.C.— A Stark County senior citizen that relies on Social Security for the majority of her income faced several gaps in payment from the Social Security Administration but is now receiving regular checks thanks to the office of U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH). Mary Lou Zimmerman, of Uniontown, contacted Brown’s office in March for assistance, saying that her payments had been cut off several times. Brown’s office brought Ms. Zimmerman’s case to the attention of the SSA, and the agency then issued two critical payments to Ms. Zimmerman.

“Ms. Zimmerman, like many Ohio seniors, relies on Social Security to make ends meet—to fill essential prescriptions, to buy groceries, and to pay the rent and utility bills. When these payments are interrupted, retirees can sometimes be left sitting literally in the dark,” Brown said. “Being a senator is about more than just making the law—it’s also about helping Ohioans cut through red tape and get access to vital services from the federal government. Thanks to assistance from my office, Ms. Zimmerman can now get the Social Security payments she needs—and I encourage any Ohioan that needs assistance with the federal government to contact my office.”

As Ms. Zimmerman said, “Social Security is the main source of my income and [having the checks cut off] presented a hardship to my total well-being. When these [interruptions] occurred, I called Social Security and went to their office to get help. Each time it took quite a while to get straightened out. Sherrod Brown’s office came to my rescue and got the problem solved. I will be forever grateful for their help and I thank God their office helped me this time.”

Sen. Brown and his casework staff provide a variety of services to residents of Ohio whose problem concerns a federal government agency, including Social Security, the VA, and Medicare or Medicaid. More information can be found online at brown.senate.gov/services/casework or by calling 1-888-896-OHIO.