Sen. Brown Praises Plan by Obama Administration to Invest $2.15 Billion in NASA Glenn Research Center

Brown Applauds Obama Administration Decision to Bring New Missions, Jobs to Ohio

WASHINGTON, DC - U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) announced that NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) would receive $2.15 billion in funds over the next five years for space and aeronautic programs in the budget plan released today by the Obama administration. Center capabilities that will be tapped in the President's new program include expertise in space flight systems, power and propulsion, energy, program management, and technology innovation, development, and transfer. The Center will also receive funds for programs that support new missions - a move likely to bring new economic development and job creation to the region.

"This is great news for NASA Glenn. These additional assignments represent a step forward for the center and a fundamental shift from the past. New investment and resources are planned for Glenn that will broaden the Center's abilities and its role within NASA," Brown said. "This is a tribute to the work that men and women at Glenn have done for our nation in space exploration and aeronautics and the work they will do in next generation flight technology and advanced energy research. The implementation of this plan will allow Cleveland and Ohio to remain leaders in space and aerospace for decades to come."

The following new programs and investments will be headed to NASA Glenn under the plan:

Exploration Technology Development and Demonstration Program
New Program Office to manage $223 million in fiscal year 2011 and $1.8 billion over five years to develop critical exploration technologies through laboratory, ground and flight tests. GRC will coordinate and manage these activities across the nation.

Space Technology Research Grants
New Program Office to manage $70 million in fiscal year 2011 and $350 million over five years to sustain research and graduate studies in vital aerospace?related disciplines. While serving NASA's future science and exploration needs, this program will meet the needs of other government agencies and the commercial space sector through technological innovation. This program emphasizes foundational research in advanced space systems and space technology conducted primarily through collaboration between academia and NASA Centers, along with small business and industry partners. The Space Technology Graduate Fellowship Project will train the next generation of aerospace engineers and scientists by funding NASA-related graduate student research. This research will be performed on campus during the academic year and at NASA Centers during the summer months, where students will gain hands-on experience. Glenn Research Center will lead the development of this approach as part of NASA's new Space Technology Program.

Aeronautics Research
The fiscal year 2011 funding will be used to increase research activities into green aviation and Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) capabilities. Glenn Research Center will support the Integrated Systems Research Program, which addresses operational and safety issues related to the integration of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) into the national airspace. The program will provide expertise in: communications related to allocation of radio frequency spectrum; communication links; and simulations. Glenn Research Center will partner with other NASA Centers to support research and development efforts that support NASA's environmentally responsible aviation project; including: design and feasibility studies, high-fidelity simulations, flight demonstrations, design competitions and prize challenges.

Sen. Brown has been a long-time advocate of the Glenn Research Center. In January, Brown wrote to President Obama about the need to bring new work - particularly in the field of alternative energy research and development - to the NASA Glenn Research Facility in Cleveland. He regularly works with Deputy Administrator Lori B. Garver other NASA Officials.

President Obama's proposals will be debated as Congress moves forward on the annual appropriations process.


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