Sen. Brown Statement Honoring Ohio's Veterans on Veteran's Day

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) today issued the following statement to Ohio’s veterans recognizing and thanking them for their service.  

“Across Ohio and our nation, at parades and picnics, school assemblies and flag raising ceremonies, Americans are reaching out to veterans and their families to celebrate Veterans Day. Veterans Day is intended to thank and celebrate the lives of our nation’s current and former service members – both living and deceased – including the nearly one million veterans in Ohio who served in every branch of our nation’s armed forces and ensured that our freedoms and our nation remain secure.  

“Whether it’s a parent or grandparent who served in WWII, a neighbor or friend who served during the wars in Korea, Vietnam, or the Persian Gulf, or a classmate or sibiling who has returned from Afghanistan and Iraq – we owe these veterans our deepest gratitude for their service.  Learning about our veterans’ experiences means learning about our nation’s history.

“From the War of Independence to today, our military has defeated tyranny, conquered totalitarianism, and provided humanitarian relief to millions of people around the world. Honoring our nation’s veterans means fulfilling our promise to them – it means that our veterans must receive the benefits and compensation that they have earned and deserved. The cost of caring for the nation’s wounded warriors is never too great a burden for this nation to bear.

“To the veterans of the Air and Army National Guard, the United States Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marines – thank you for your service to our state and to our nation. As a member of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, it is my honor to serve you and your family members. All Ohioans are forever indebted to you service and sacrifice.”


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