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July 2020

Brown, Harris, Casey and Cortez Masto Introduce Comprehensive Legislation to Support Child Welfare Agencies during Covid-19
Brown, Portman Introduce Resolution Honoring Life, Legacy and Achievements of Ohio Native Annie Glenn

June 2020

Brown Joins Call with Child Care Providers As He Continues Fighting For Ohio Families during Covid-19 Pandemic
Brown Condemns GOP Legislation as ‘Check in the Box’ As He Continues Calling for Meaningful Police Reforms
Brown, Feinstein, Smith Lead Senate Dems in Introducing Resolution Recognizing June as LGBTQ Pride Month
Brown Joins Second Annual Bipartisan Reading of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Letter from Birmingham Jail on the Senate Floor
Brown Joins Colleagues in Introducing Resolution Affirming Freedom of the Press
Brown Helps Introduce Legislation to Implement Meaningful Policing Reforms
Brown Calls On Americans to Protect Human Rights At Home and Abroad
Brown Takes To Senate Floor, Calls for Justice for Breonna Taylor, George Floyd
Brown, Beatty, Hilton Stand with Ohioans Fighting For Racial Justice

May 2020

Brown Statement On Otting’s Resignation From The Office Of The Comptroller Of The Currency (OCC)
Brown Joins Cincinnatians As He Continues Fighting Racial Disparities in Public Health and Coronavirus Cases
Brown, Colleagues Urge Whole Foods To Stop Suppressing Unions And Intimidating Workers, Respect Right To Organize
Brown, Harris, Fudge, Clyburn Partner to Introduce Votesafe Act
Brown Pushes For Emergency Funding To Protect Vulnerable Children and Strengthen Families during Covid-19 Pandemic
Brown, Colleagues Introduce Legislation to Fight Online Child Exploitation
Brown, Schumer, Cantwell Demand Trump Admin. Put Airline Workers Over Corporate Interests, Following News That Air Carriers Are Reducing Employee Hours, Pay & Benefits After Receiving Stimulus Assistance
Brown Announces Legislation to Establish Task Force to Combat Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Covid-19

April 2020

Brown, Senators to Trump: ‘Make Clear That the Enemy Is Not the Asian or Asian-American Community, But Rather A Virus That Endangers Us All’
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