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Bowling Green State University
Friday, November 15, 2019

Propel Ohio is a leadership program that promotes civic engagement and inspires undergraduate students to grow into civic leaders in Ohio. The one-day leadership program will feature Senator Brown, keynote speaker Monica Ramirez, founder of Justice for Migrant Women, guest speakers and workshop facilitators who will actively engage students on issues affecting Ohio. The summit will also include an engagement fair. Each of Ohio’s two-year, four-year public and private colleges and universities and regional campuses are invited to appoint undergraduate students and an administrator to attend the program.

Click HERE to apply to attend Propel Ohio at Bowling Green University. The deadline to apply has been extended to Monday, October 14th. 

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Propel Ohio quotes from attendees:

“I thought the speakers were all excellent. Very enthusiastic and thought-provoking!"

“I loved networking at the internship fair.”

“My favorite part was listening to people doing work to create change in fields I’m passionate about!"

“I really appreciated the diversity of perspectives on the [childhood poverty in Ohio] panel. Really made you analyze the interconnectedness of the issues of childhood poverty.”

“ I loved Propel Ohio and learned a lot.”