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Senator Brown wants to hear from Ohioans about the housing challenges they are facing, and their suggestions for solutions. All across the state, Ohioans are facing housing challenges. Wages have not kept pace with housing costs, and whether they rent, own, are trying to save for a down payment, or are trying to age with dignity in their own homes, Ohioans are finding it harder to afford housing that meets their needs.

A quarter of all renters pay more than half of their incomes for housing, often leaving them one emergency away from homelessness or eviction. A mismatch between housing locations and jobs forces workers to spend more time in their cars and less time with their families. Potential homebuyers can find themselves locked out of the neighborhoods they grew up in, either because costs are skyrocketing or because it’s difficult to find a loan to restore an older home. And since the housing crisis, far too many homes have been bought up by out of state investors and allowed to fall into disrepair. These challenges may vary from town to town and family to family, but they are all rooted in the need for safe, affordable housing and strong neighborhoods.

If you have a story about housing or an idea to improve access to housing that is affordable, please share it below.

If you’re in need of assistance with a federal agency regarding housing matters, please contact Sen. Brown’s office HERE.