How has Medicaid expansion helped you?

Medicaid is a federal-state insurance program that helps provide basic health care services for low-income Americans – including seniors, pregnant women, individuals with disabilities, working families, and children. Under the Affordable Care Act, Ohio expanded Medicaid to more than 600,000 Ohioans; and as of today, nearly three million individuals in our state are insured by this program. For millions of Ohioans, Medicaid coverage means the first trip to a pediatrician, or access to medication to help treat a chronic disease. For many Ohio hospitals, physicians, and other health care providers, Medicaid Expansion means treating patients before they are forced into the emergency room – which keeps patients healthier and saves money. In fact, Medicaid Expansion even saves money for Ohioans with private health insurance by covering the cost of care that might otherwise be shifted onto them.  

But now Ohio is taking steps to raise health care costs for people who are covered under the Medicaid Expansion - potentially locking Ohioans out of the coverage they now have. These changes – if they happen – have the potential to negatively impact all of us.

Sen. Brown wants to hear directly from Ohioans about Medicaid Expansion and what it means for the health and well-being of Ohio’s communities.

  • If you were previously uninsured, what has access to affordable care meant for you?
  • How has Medicaid Expansion affected you?
  • What does health coverage mean to you?
  • What would happen if your Medicaid coverage became too expensive and you were locked out of the coverage you have now?
  • What would new premium requirements and higher costs mean for you?

Let Sen. Brown know what full Medicaid Expansion in Ohio means to you by sharing your story below.

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